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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a very interesting subject in web design terms. Being a method used to increase traffic to your website, it is necessary to attract non target traffic in the effort to attract target traffic to your website

Different methods of SEO

For people in the know there are lots of different methods of SEO, meta tags, titles, description, content, link building, link exchange, url submission, directories, social media etc....

How to use social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way of advertising your website, you can build links back to your site in question using specific keywords as you wish, however it can be REALLY time consuming. You can take an average list from a website of Free Social Bookmark List of say 250 entries and then the hard work starts.

Problems of social bookmarking

Using a base list and going through one by one is time consuming, you have numerous pop ups that insist on your screen, webpages that are no longer active, web pages that may have diverts on them. Nearly always you have to register with the sites, then sometimes activate and then on to posting the link.

Success Rate

Hard to determine but my first list of 250 gave me 10 duplicates and around 50 possible successful social bookmarks, the rest being time wasting rejects for whatever reasons.

Looking for a social bookmarking list?

The list is below for all to use updated to 22/01/2016 if there is anyone that would like to use this free list of work already performed please feel free, i only ask for a small favour in return. If you have links that you would like to see on this list please use the contact form to your right and submit any links for me to check and i will add successful/active links, please feel free to post links to this page on forums/blogs/web pages to increase popularity for other people searching the same thing as you. I aim to update this page every 2 weeks.

Free Social Bookmarking List 50 working websites 22/01/2016